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About the Collection

The Library of Friendship Collection at Scholes Library is dedicated to all students and instructors at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University. This visually stunning and powerful gift comprises a unique collection of books, catalogues, editions, and DVDs that provide the visitor insight into a vital, thriving Austrian art scene and a scientific analysis thereof. The Library of Friendship Collection was created to be a communication center for students and researchers who are interested the boundless energy of contemporary Austrian art.

The Library of Friendship colllection is a product of collaboration between artist and government. In this collection, divisions of conscience and value are transcended by an ideal that is best represented and shared though art. This gift represents a conversation across time, borders and political divides while fostering a visual dialog between established and emerging artists.

A Unique Collection for Scholes Library:

  • The Library of Friendship collection includes several hundred books, media, and ephemera related to current Austrian art practice.
  • There are many unique items in the collection including books and catalogues which were printed in limited or single editions.
  • Many autographed items.
  • The collection contains items that are rare or are simply unavailable to us here in the United States.
  • Many represented artists in this collection are “discoveries” for us or were not well reflected in our collection.
  • The gift includes over 100 pieces of unique ephemera including gallery announcements, postcards, flags, multiples, and posters that Scholes Library will archive and use for displays.

A Gift Arranged by Visiting Artists:

Josef Schützenhöfer, Joachim Baur, Barbara Edlinger

Collected in generous collaboration with the Austrian Government and the following artists and institutions:

Werkstadt Graz, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Universalmuseum Joanneum, ESC im Labor, Grazer Kunstverein, Kultur Service Gesellschaft Steiermark, Camera Austria, Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz, Karl Heinz Herber, Steirische Kulturinitiative, Landesregierung Steiermark, Josef Klammer,
Haus Der Architektur Graz, Neue Galerie Im Ssz-Sammlungs-Und Studienzentrum